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Mycenaean civilization

An ancient Aegean Civilization known from excavations at Mycenae. Undertaken by Heinrich Schliemann and others after 1876, they helped revise early Greek history. The Mycenaeans were Indo-European, Greek-speaking people who entered Greece from the north c.2000 B.C., bringing with them advanced techniques in art and architecture. Mercantile contact with the Minoans on Crete advanced their culture, and by 1600 B.C. Mycenae had become a major center of the ancient world, competing with Crete for maritime control of the Mediterranean. After the destruction of Knossos (c.1400 B.C.) Mycenae achieved supremacy, and much of the Minoan cultural tradition was transferred to the mainland. The invasion by the Dorians (c.1100 B.C.) ushered in a period of decline, and by 900 B.C. the centers of culture and wealth had shifted elsewhere.