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Gudea of Lagash

Transcription courtesy of Professor Robert Biggs,
The Oriental Institute, University of Chicago

The inscription extends over part of the right shoulder and onto the left side of the robe. The upper part, the cartouche, gives the name of the ruler, while the lower, main text speaks of the reasons for the creation of this particular statue. The cartouche translates as follows:
Gudea, city ruler of Lagash, the man who built the temple of Ningishzida and the temple of Geshtinanna.
The text reads:
Gudea, city ruler of Lagash, built to Geshtinanna, the queen a-azi-mu-a, the beloved wife of Ningishzida, his queen, her temple in Girsu. He created for her [this] statue. "She granted the prayer," he gave it a name for her and brought it into her temple.