TheNewKingdom   circa 1550
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Bloodaxe's Realm     The Medieval World  

circa 1550-circa1069 BC 
Head of a King, Amenhotep II (?)
c. 1439-1413 BC
(18th Dynasty)
of the General Djehuty
Reign of Thutmosis III c. 1490-1439
(18th Dynasty)
A Couple: Senynefer and Hatchepsut
c. 1410 BC
(18th Dynasty)
King Amenophis III
c. 1391-1353 BC
(18th Dynasty)
Paser's Stele
c. 1410 BC
(18th Dynasty)
c. 1400 BC
(18th Dynasty)
c. 1400-1300 BC
(18th Dynasty)
Ibex-shaped Flask
c. 1500-1400 BC
(18th Dynasty)
Kohl Pot
Reign of Amenophis III c. 1403-1365
(18th Dynasty)
of Amenhotep IV (Akhenaton)
From a temple east
of Karnak
Amenhotep IV
c. 1365-1349 BC
(18th Dynasty)
Body of Nefertiti (?)
Reign of Amenhotep IV-Akhenaton
c. 1365-1349 BC
(18th Dynasty)
Head of a Princess
Amenhotep IV- Akhenaton
c. 1365-1349 BC
(18th Dynasty)
and Tutankhamen
Reign of Tutankhamen c. 1347-1337 BC
(18th Dynasty)
Piay, the Gatekeeper
of the Royal Palace
c. 1330-1300 BC
(end of the 18th,
early 19th Dynasty)
The Goddess Hathor and King Sethi I
Tomb of Sethi I
in the Valley of Kings
c. 1303-1290 BC
(19th Dynasty)
King presenting
the Goddess Mat
c. 1300-1100 BC
(19th and 20th Dynasties)
Pendant in the form
of a Predatory Bird with a Ram's Head
Serapeum of Sakkara
c. 1.264 BC
(19th Dynasty)