Circa 3800
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Bloodaxe's Realm     The Medieval World  

 From the end of Prehistory
up to the Middle Kingdom
circa 3800- circa 1550 BC
c. 4000-3500 BC (Nagada I)
c. 3500-3100 BC (Nagada II)
c. 3200 BC
(late Nagada II period)
Guebel el-Arak dagger
Probably from Guebel el-Arak,
south of Abydos
c. 3300-3200 BC (Nagada II)
Stele of Djet,
the "Serpent King"
From the tomb of the Serpent King at Abydos
c. 3100 BC (1st Dynasty)
Sepa and Nesa
c. 2700-2620 BC
(3rd Dynasty)
Head of King Didoufri
Abu Roach
c. 2570 BC
(4th Dynasty)
Stele of Nefertiabet
From Giza
c. 2590 BC
(4th Dynasty)
The Seated Scribe
c. 2620-2350 BC
(4th or 5th Dynasty)
Raherka and Merseankh
c. 2500-2350 BC
(5th Dynasty)
Large statue of Nakhti
Between 1991
and 1928 BC
(early 12th Dynasty)
Gift bearer
c. 2000-1800 BC
(12th Dynasty)
Lintel of Sesostris III
Medamoud temple
1878-1843 BC
(12th Dynasty)
King Amenemhat III
1843-1798 BC
(12th Dynasty)