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The Book of the Dead
Egyptian Gods

Egyptian religion

The Goddess Sekhmet
Reign of Amenhotep III c.1403-1365 BC
(18th Dynasty)
The Treasure of Td
Temple of Td
Amenemhat II 1925-1895 BC
(12th Dynasty)
or small sanctuary
Reign of Amasis
c. 570-526 BC
(26th Dynasty)
Funerary Servant
of King Rameses IV
c. 1162-1155 BC
(20th Dynasty)
Sarcophagus of Madja
c. 1490-1470 BC
(18th Dynasty)
Mummy of a Man
3rd or 4th century BC
Cover of the Sarcophagus of Soutymes
c. 1000 BC
(21st Dynasty)
Model of a boat
Tomb of the chancellor. Nakhti at Assiout
Between 1991 and 1928
(12th Dynasty)
Jug and Basin
c. 2350-2000 BC
(6th Dynasty)
Burial Scene from the "Book of the Dead"
of Nebqued
c. 1400 BC
(18th Dynasty)
Healing Statue
4th century BC
Seated Cat
c. 700-600 BC