Coptic Egypt
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Coptic Egypt
Tapestry with Fish
2nd-3rd century AD
Horus on horse-back
4th century AD
The Sabine Shawl
6th century AD
with bacchic figures
5th century AD
Birth of Aphrodite
6th century AD
Box for Weights
6th-7th century AD
Eulogy ampulla
6th century
Little vase in the shape of a female head
5th-8th century AD
Spinning Virgin Mary
5th century AD
Censer with eagle
8th-9th century AD
Façade of the South church of the monastery of Bawit Christ and Abbot Menas
6th-7th century AD
Funerary stela of Sabek
7th century AD
The Jonah tapestry
5th to 6th century AD
8th-10th century AD