Early Civilization Art
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Early Civilizations


Painted beaker
5000-4000 BC.

11 3/4 ins (28.5cm) high.
Susa, Iran

Drawing of a ziggurat (reconstruction of Ziggurat at Ur, Iraq)
c.2100 B.C.

Ziggurat of Ur
Reconstruction drawing

Ziggurat of Ur
Remains seen from a distance

Victory stele of Naramsin
c.2300-2200 BC

Chariot from Diamabad, Maharashrtra
c. 1500 B.C.

Dancing figure from Harappa
Indus Valley, 2300-1750 B.C.

Fragment of painting from Gabelein
c. 3500 - 3200 B.C.

Palette of Narmer
from Hierakonpolis
c. 3200 BC.

Palette of Narmer
(reverse side)
c. 3200 B.C.



Sphinx and pyramid of Khafra (Chefren)
c. 2650 B.C.

Portable pavilion and furniture of Queen Hetepheres I
Wood and gold leaf
c. 2650 B.C.