Subsection of Chapter `Cuneiform' of John Heise's `Akkadian language', with cuneiform signlist, part9.
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Signs are loaded as small images, loading may take a while!
The modern order is based (from left to right) on the sequence:

The sign list contains at least three items:
--a number from Borger's book `Assyrische-babylonische Zeichenliste'
--the cuneiform sign in New Assyrian orthography
--the name of the sign or one of its values.

signs with initial up to

The top horizontal stroke is drawn first. Note that often (e.g. in New Assyrian litterature texts) the top stroke is a lot fatter than the other horizontals. The last vertical stroke is also drawn thicker.



296 GIsh



296 GU4



298 AL



306 UB



308 E


309 DUG






312 UN



313 KID, LL


314-1 shID



314-2 RID



318 , SAM, shAM



319 GA



320 L



321 LUH



322 KAL



323 ALAD



324 , BIT



325 NIR