Subsection of Chapter `Cuneiform' of John Heise's `Akkadian language', with cuneiform signlist, part11.
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The modern order is based (from left to right) on the sequence:

The sign list contains at least three items:
--a number from Borger's book `Assyrische-babylonische Zeichenliste'
--the cuneiform sign in New Assyrian orthography
--the name of the sign or one of its values.

signs with initial up to


360 Ish8



366 KUR



367 shE



371 BU



372 UZ



373 SUD



374 MUsh



375 TIR



376 TE



376a KAR



377 LIsh



381 UD, U4



381 U4



383 PI



384 sh



390 PESH4



392 H



393 ERIM






395 ZIB



396 HI



396 shR



396 T



397 Aleph



398 AH



399 IM



400 BIR



401 HAR



402 HUsh



404 HIA



405 SR