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cuneiform signlist, part7.
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The modern order is based (from left to right) on the sequence:

The sign list contains at least three items:
--a number from Borger's book `Assyrische-babylonische Zeichenliste'
--the cuneiform sign in New Assyrian orthography
--the name of the sign or one of its values.

signs with initial up to

The top horizontal stroke is drawn first. Note that often (e.g. in New Assyrian litterature texts) the top stroke is a lot fatter than the other horizontals. The last vertical stroke is also drawn thicker.



142 I
  • Sumerian i means `five', cf. the five strokes in this sign)
  • phonetic: i, 'i
  • phonetic, Bab. new: n
  • examples in New Assyrian orthography:
  • logograms: I

    I ndu `to praise' (in personal names)


142a IA
  • composition: = I + A
  • phonetic: ia, also ii, ie, iu, ja, je ju
  • logograms:



143 KM, GAN
  • phonetic: km, gan
  • phonetic, new: qan, kan, h, h, li6 in prefix for precative
  • logograms: KM



  • logograms: TUR, DUMU

    DUMU mru `son'
    TUR Sehru `small'
    TUR Sehru `to be small'
    TUR Suhru `servant'
    DUMU.SAL mrtu `daughter'
    DUMU.Ush aplu `heir', `oldest son', `son'



145 AD
  • phonetic: ad/t/T
  • phonetic, new: b/p
  • logograms:
  • examples in New Assyrian orthography: ad

    AD abu `father'



146 HAshHUR
  • logograms: HAshHUR



147 Z
(= AB x PA)
  • phonetic: Si, Se
  • phonetic, old: z, z, si20, se20
  • logograms:



148 IN
  • phonetic: in
  • phonetic, old: en6
  • logograms:



149 RAB
  • phonetic: rab/p
  • logograms:
  • examples in New Assyrian orthography:



  • composition: = L + GAL
  • phonetic: shr
  • logograms: LUGAL

    LUGAL sharru `king'



152 EZEN
  • phonetic: hir
  • phonetic, new: shr, s
  • logograms: KEshDA, EZEN

    KEshDA rakshu `to bind'



152-8 BD
  • composition: BD = EZEN x BAD
  • logograms: BD

    BD dru `city wall'



164 SUM
  • phonetic: shm, sm, s, s
  • logograms: SUM, SUMU, S

    SUM nadnu `to give'



  • phonetic, new: kas, ras/sh, bush, sh
  • logograms: KASKAL
  • examples in New Assyrian orthography: rash

    KASKAL girru `way'



167 GAB
  • phonetic, new: qab/p, gaba, tuh, duh, du8
  • phonetic, Ass. new: th, Th
  • logograms:

    GABA irtu `breast'



169 DAH
  • phonetic: dah, tah
  • phonetic, new: Tah
  • logograms:



170 AM
  • phonetic: am
  • logograms:

    AM rmu `wild bull'



172 NE
  • sign derives from a pictogram of a fireplace and is logogram for many words relating to `heat'
  • phonetic: ne, d, bil, pil, b, pi5, pe5
  • phonetic, new: T, Ti5, km
  • phonetic, Bab. new: Sah, Sh
  • logograms: IZI, KM, BIL

    NE naphu `to blow', `to light a fire'
    `to become visible', `to rise', `to glow'
    (said of stars, moon, sun)
    IZI ishtu `fire'
    KM emmu `to be hot'
    BIL qal `to roast'



173 BL
  • phonetic:
  • logograms: