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cuneiform signlist, part5.

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The modern order is based (from left to right) on the sequence:

The sign list contains at least three items:
--a number from
Borger's book `Assyrische-babylonische Zeichenliste'
--the cuneiform sign in New Assyrian orthography
--the name of the sign or one of its values.

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115 SAG
  • phonetic: sag/k/q
  • phonetic, new: shag/k/q, ris/sh, reS/sh
  • examples in New Assyrian orthography: SAG rish
  • logograms: SAG
    SAG qaqqadu `head' (as part of the body)
    `person', `self', `leader', `top', `top part'
    `beginning' (of time spans), `principal'
    SAG ptu `front', `frontside'
    SAG pt `in front of' (preposition)
    SAG rshu `top', `beginning' (of kingship)
    SAG.DU qaqqadu `head' (as part of the body)
    `person', `self', `leader', `top', `top part'
    `beginning' (of time spans), `principal'
    SAG.MI6 Salmt qaqqdi `the black headed ones'
    (term for Sumerians, later all Mesopotamians)'
    SAG.GME amtu 'female slave', `girl'
    = `woman'+`foreign country'

    SAG.GME.ARAD ashtapiru 'personnel', `employees'
    (all slaves and servants)
    SAG.GIsh.RA nru 'to kill'
    SAG.ITU r (w)arhi 'new moon' (litt.: start month)
    SAG.KAL aardu 'first in rank', `foremost',`leader'
    SAG.KI ptu
    `in front of' (prep.)
    SAG.KAB.DU arku 'to give a present', `to grant'
    `to make a votive offering'
    SAG.PA.LAGAB nissatu 'misery', `distress'
    SAG.U kajjnu 'always', `steady', `durable', `lasting', `constant'
    mulSAG.U kajjmnu the planet Saturn (who moves steadily)



122 M
  • phonetic: m
  • logograms:



123 DIR
  • phonetic, new: dir, Tir, ml, sa5
  • logograms: